Welcome to the latin handicraft store in NZ
Welcome to the latin handicraft store in NZ
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About us!

Artesanos was born from the idea of sharing and bringing a piece of Latin American culture.

Artesanos works with more than 20 Latino artisans and artists, all products are 100% handmade to provide unique, exclusive and high-quality designs.

One of the main objectives of ARTESANOS is to create bridges between Latin American artisans and buyers in NZ. Which, in addition to acquiring a traditional product, contribute a grain of sand in valuing the work of artisan's hands, becoming communicators of local culture.

What does craft mean? The word crafts, comes from the Latin artis-manus or art with the hands, which seeks to carry out work with symbolic and representative values ​​of a specific local culture.

We are a registered business, more than a company we are a great family that brings a bit of Latin American culture, flavor, and joy to New Zealand. Each of the pieces tells a story, a lifestyle, and above all the effort and dedication of each of the artisans.


Our mission is to share and transmit the Latino culture through arts and crafts.

Our goal is to provide unique and excellent quality items.

Catalina is the head of this project, she works hand in hand with more than 20 artisans, she also makes and paints some pieces but she does it as a hobby.

Catalina is a Colombian woman who works for the Latin community, not counting her full-time job and Artesanos is also part of socio-cultural projects in the Tasman - Marlborough region.
So if you are an artisan or artist who wants to sell their products through Artesanos, do not hesitate to contact us.​


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