About us!

About us!

I am Catalina, and I am the creator of Artesanos, I launched into this adventure of starting my business in the lands of the white cloud.

Why did I do it? Well, I did it because whenever I wanted to share or give away something from my culture to my friends or my colleagues it was very complicated, I tried to describe the beautiful and unique handicrafts that exist in my country but I simply ran out of words at the time when I tried to explain it, so that's how this idea started and today we have been working hard for 3 years.

We continue working so that Artesanos continues to grow and also to make our culture known in New Zealand.

Artesanos works with more than 30 Latino artisans and artists, all products are 100% handmade to provide unique, exclusive and high-quality designs.

One of the main objectives of ARTESANOS is to create bridges between Latin American artisans and clients in NZ. Which, in addition to acquiring a traditional product, contribute a grain of sand in valuing the work of artisan's hands, becoming communicators of local culture.

Preserve our craft, it is to preserve the identity as a people; an identity so powerful that it has preserved and exported our beliefs, our customs and our

We are a registered business, more than a company we are a great family that brings a bit of Latin American culture, flavor, and joy to New Zealand. Each of the pieces tells a story, a lifestyle, and above all the effort and dedication of each of the artisans.


Our mission is to share and transmit the Latino culture through arts and crafts.

Our goal is to provide unique and excellent quality items.


We are based in Blenheim (Marlborough/South Island), and we ship our products throughout the country, so come see our products and order yours, remember that they are unique pieces, you will not find another similar one.


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