Artisans are people in charge of carrying out their work manually. Each creation or piece is unique and unrepeatable, as they reflect the mastery and skill to do it with great precision. Many have inherited this art from their families, traditional knowledge that is transmitted from generation to generation and impacts their communities in diverse ways.

Behind every craft made by an artisan, there is a story. Knowing it is the best way to recognize the legacy of these ancestral peoples that enrich our cultural identity.

The Mexican poet and writer Octavio Paz describes crafts as a useful, beautiful and even sacred object that goes beyond a decorative element, and that contains the memory of a culture, a language and a way of life. It is, as the indigenous Wayuú, Conchita Ospina, says, "a little piece of her land, of her soul."

It is precisely this conception of handicrafts that has been worked on with the aim of valuing, recognizing and qualifying the creative processes of indigenous ethnic groups and Latin American artisans.

Each craft has a story to tell, and although many of us don't realize it, these stories are present in our daily lives and deeply rooted in who we are.

“Nobody loves what they don't know. The contemporary world is subjected to all foreign trends, leaving aside fundamental aspects of the identity of which the cosmogony of our cultures, its magical world, its values ​​and teachings are part.
We forget that all this has remained in the territory for thousands of years, and that they are part of the cultural identity of each one of us.

Artesanos works directly with artisans from Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador and Panama.

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